Certificates & Quality Policies

All the activities that IOCS S.r.L. performs are certified, in a way that the consumer is protected and aware.

Research and improvement for a better service to our customers

IOCS S.r.L. Hoses & Ancillaries Equipment Supply for Oil & Gas Industry, pursuing the highest standards of quality and attention to the customer in the offer of its products: the customer is at the centre of all activities planned by the company.


ISO 9001 Certification

We fulfill all the obligations, respect commitments set out and create the conditions for ensure the success of our solutions.


IOCS Srl - Quality & HSE Policy

IOCS S.r.L. sets the objectives and guidelines that allow to reach the expected results, with maximum professionalism.

Code of Ethic / Terms & Conditions / GDPR.


IOCS Srl_Code of Etichs


IOCS Srl_General Condition of Sale




The IOCS staff will focus in keeping under control and continuously update the safety and environmental activities in all business areas and all the operations required.


All company functions must comply with the requirements of the Management System for Quality and commitment to its effective and continuous improvement.

Our costumers: the center of all activities of IOCS S.r.L.

All employees, each for the activities of its competence, contribute to the affirmation of the company and to the customer satisfaction.