IOCS S.r.L. offers a wide range of high level services, aimed at satisfying every costumers necessity.

The history of our Company

IOCS S.r.L. is a young company highly qualified in the design and supply of products and accessories for Oil & Gas systems and applications, also specialized in providing consultancy for the development of systems, performing analyses to support problems on pipes &/or hose string, creating all the necessary devices for handling of the equipment, providing, if necessary, also to design them.

The thirty-year experience of the company owner in the design and supply of solutions for the Oil & Gas sector, as well as in the selection of high quality and reliable suppliers and in field inspections, constitutes the fundamental premise for the success and development of the company that aims to become a long-term partner for companies in the Oil & Gas sector.

Furthermore, IOCS s.r.l. has built a close collaboration with its suppliers through a scrupulous selection process of the same, a constant supervision of their processes and products and a monitoring of their performances.

Effective controls are required of suppliers on products during all stages of processing, with supervision by specialized personnel of IOCS s.r.l. able to assist the client by providing him with a highly accurate service.

Thanks to the quality of the supplies, the competence of the staff and the scrupulous checks carried out throughout the production process, IOCS s.r.l. is able to guarantee a high-quality standard together with great versatility.

The headquarters of IOCS s.r.l. is in Gorla Maggiore (VA) – Italy, where the management, commercial, design, project management and after-sales assistance activities are carried out.

For the manufacturing of components, Iocs s.r.l. uses qualified suppliers.

Values and Principles

We support and guide our customers in identifying and supplying them with the most appropriate Customized System, considering the Offshore or Onshore Operation & System composition, service (Type of product to be transfer), pressure, and the environmental conditions where our products will operate granting a perfect service, as well as manpower and environment safeguard.

Our Team

IOCS S.r.L. employs a highly specialized staff, with an excellent formation and constantly updated about the more latest techniques.


We are constantly looking for technological and innovative solutions, to ensure high quality standards.


We are not astutely in competition with the premium hoses manufacturers as we are acting as a re-seller, complementary to your business.

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