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We can be complementary to you business in the small items where we are sure to be more competitive and fast in term of delivery and princing.

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Collaborations with EPC for the construction of stations and re-works


We study the best solutions for excellent end products


Quick and easy on site assembly of all components


Necessary assistance on site during the commissioning

The IOCS is well organized to provide its Customers the best assistance for the solution of any kind of problem that may arise. In particular, our activities are focused on these services:

Computerized simulation

of hose & ancillaries configuration systems


and connections between Customers and supplier

Management of offer requests

we look for the best solution for every need

On Field

professional and of the best quality

Incident investigation

competent and in accordance with regulations

Hoses Maintenance Program

timely and optimal interventions

Hoses Repair

original and certified products

Engineering Services

Study of Systems configurations

System Design static and dynamic verifications of submarine and floating hose strings with Orcaflex® dedicated software. Orcaflex® is a marine dynamics program developed by Orcina for static and dynamic analysis of flexible pipeline and cable systems in offshore / marine environment.

Mooring System Design static and dynamic verification with OPTIMOOR checks the static or dynamic response of any type of inshore or offshore mooring to wind, current and waves, tide and draft changes etc., producing clear results very quickly even for the most complex arrangements.

Flow analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Identification, design and supply of proper ancillaries


On site services

Inspection of new and used marine hoses
Offshore and Onshore Installation assistance of marine hoses and ancillaries

On site testing & Inspection of single hoses and hose strings

Submarine & Floating Hose Repair

Ancillaries Equipment inspection & Maintenance

Periodical Surveys of floating and submarine hoses

Incident investigations

Static and dynamic testing of damaged and used hoses

“Dissection” and carcass evaluation of damaged and used hoses

Service life and re-certification of marine hoses

Service life and re-certification of marine hoses


IOCS provides service life evaluations on hoses installed on the SPM terminals etc., through its Service Life Monitoring Program based on:

Re-certification of marine hoses

Preparation of manuals, procedures

Preparation of Manuals, Procedures

Project management services

Management of new projects

IOCS can provide also the following services: